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Queen performed a second and final evening at the legendary LA Forum, Inglewood, California

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15 September 1982, Queen performed a second and final evening at the legendary LA Forum, Inglewood, California

“Hot Space North American Tour”

We played the Forum the next evening for the second show, and Michael Jackson came backstage to visit Freddie. I had no idea that Freddie and Michael had been great friends for a long time. Michael, along with one of his personal assistants, came into the dressing room. He and Freddie were both extremely excited to see each other. As a matter of fact, afterward, we went back to the Beverly Hills Hotel and had a nice dinner. It’s always interesting to see people in the same business share ideas and just talk about everyday things, and that’s what they did. I didn’t really have an opportunity to get to know a ton about Michael, but Freddie had mentioned to me before that he was a friend of his. I had forgotten about that. Just seeing Michael show up was the ultimate. That’s all I can say. It was the ultimate experience to meet his brothers and him as well.”

Vic Robinson – “Never Say Never”
Freddie Mercury’s Personal Bodyguard during “Hot Space North American Tour”

Freddie debuts his Majestic Robe and Crown

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14 June 1986, Queen performed @ Hippodrome de Vincennes in Paris, France 🇫🇷 “Magic Tour”

Tonight, Freddie debuts his Majestic Robe and Crown

As in all the early ‘Magic tour shows,’ Freddie is in superb voice.

Brian, before ‘Love Of My Life’: “Thank you for coming. I know some of you have come a long way. We appreciate it.” Someone in the audience with a British accent says, “Fucking right there. Play ’39 or I’ll kill ya!”

For the first time on the tour, the band exit the breakdown of ‘A Kind Of Magic’ completely cleanly (on the video, Freddie and Brian are seen talking to ensure they do!), and Freddie is clearly thrilled about it. After the song, he asks, “Where is this? Is this Paris? I just forgot for one minute.”

can’t relax in bed all day and just do nothing.

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Interviewer : You’ve had 80 million sold around the world with Queen.
What makes you want to do something like this which is a very big risk for you, isn’t it ?
To stick your neck out there and stand up alone without other musicians ?

Freddie Mercury: “That’s the way I like to live.
Yes, firstly if I didn’t do this I don’t have anything to do. You know, I can’t cook, I’m not very good at being a housewife, it’s just in my blood. I seem to have been doing this for so long that it’s so in my blood, I don’t know what else to do. I’d be very vulnerable and I wouldn’t know what to do, so I think I just have to keep doing it. It’s not having to keep doing it, of course. I’ve made a lot of money. I could live beautifully and wonderfully for the rest of my life but, the way I live is I have to be doing something every day.
I want to earn my keep and I want to be doing something. I have a nervous energy that needs to be doing something. I can’t relax in bed all day and just do nothing. I think it’s a waste of time. I hardly read books. I think that is a waste of time. People are going to kill me for this. But it’s just a nervous energy that I have and I just basically write music and I want to keep doing that, I have a lot of songs and I enjoy doing them, see, it’s come to a stage where before I felt it was my work, it’s still my work, now. I just feel it’s something I enjoy doing, you know, it’s very interesting.
There are lots of challenges ahead and like you said earlier on, this is another step for me and a new challenge and I’m, you know, going to receive it with open arms”

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    Interview 1985

‘We Are The Champions,’ this 1977 Freddie Mercury composition,

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The world’s catchiest song…or “The most egotistical and arrogant song ever written”?

‘We Are The Champions,’ this 1977 Freddie Mercury composition, which can be seen being recorded here in fascinating archive footage, is widely regarded as one of the greatest rock anthems ever written, holds a place in the Grammy Hall of Fame, and in 2011 was identified by a team of scientific researchers at London’s Goldsmiths University as ‘the catchiest song ever written.’

But despite going on to become one of the most instantly recognised songs in pop history, the track did not get off to an auspicious start with media challenging the band, and Freddie in particular, for a lack of ‘modesty’ in coming up with such an ‘arrogantly’ titled song.

[Interviewer] “And only Queen could come up with the title, We Are The Champions. I mean, where’s the modesty gone?”

Roger and Freddie rose to the moment in characteristic style:

Roger Taylor: “Well there isn’t any. No modesty whatsoever. After the slagging off we get from the English music press, I mean who cares? We’ve got nothing to lose now.”

Freddie Mercury: “Oh, I’m a cold, heartless bugger. No, it has absolutely nothing. It’s just pure commercial, call it what you like. It’s the most egotistical and arrogant song I’ve ever written.”

Freddie Mercury interview 1985

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He Calls Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious by the Wrong Name… On Purpose

While Queen recorded their sixth studio album, News of the World, at London’s Wessex Studios, Sex Pistols‘ Sid Vicious appeared in the same studio during the time Queen was there. Vicious called into the room and said, “Have you succeeded in bringing ballet to the masses yet?” Unbothered by the weak insult, Mercury wasted no time coming up with a quick-witted response. “I called Sid Vicious and I called him Simon Ferocious, or something, and he didn’t like it at all. I said, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ He hated the fact that I could even speak like that,” Mercury later recalled of the encounter.

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“He was my big childhood hero

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“He was my big childhood hero along with Paul McCartney, but Queen’s ‘Jazz’ was my first real LP! Through my brother I got in touch with Queen and it became a love that would never go away.

And as it was then at a young age, a room full of Queen posters. My highlight was meeting Freddie and that actually happened twice!

I thought it was strange that this outspoken and energetic man on the stage backstage was such a shy and restrained man. I had no idea at the time that it would count for many big pop stars. Freddie patiently signed the pictures I had taken of him the day before and we had the picture together.

For years I had a very small discolored print of that photo because I had no more negatives, yesterday I found the two images. A photo with eyes closed and this one ….

We are now 35 years later, but Freddie will never be forgotten. And in those 35 years I have already captured many other icons.
But this was perhaps the greatest of all! “

William Rutten photographer

Courtesy Instagram Willian Rutten