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October 16, 1976, Surrey, London, UK – Queen Story!
Queen at the Kempton Park Racecourse at Sunbury-on-Thames for the ‘A Day At The Races’ album press launch

👉 The event features a series of horse races and the winner of the main race, an obstacle course, receives £ 3,000 donated by EMI and Queen manager John Reid. Freddie, John, Roger and Brian also bet on a horse at one of the races and all four win

  • Kempton Park Racecourse is a horse racing track together with a licensed entertainment –
  • Behind Freddie, Peter Brown assistant at the time in 1975-1979 –

📸 Photographer Watal Asanuma/Shinko Music

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2 December 1975 – Queen release “I’m In Love With My Car” as a B-side to the colossal masterpiece, “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the USA 🇺🇸 by Elektra

Roger Taylor’s paean to four-wheeled beauties became a cult favourite upon its release in 1975.

“I remember my car at the time. Because I think we’ve got the exhaust on the record, and that was a little Alfa Romeo. But I think it was more about people in general, for instance boy racers. In particular we had a sound guy/roadie at the time named Jonathan Harris, who was so in love with his car, and that inspired me. I think he had a Triumph TR4.”

When ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was selected as the first single from the band’s fourth album ‘A Night At The Opera,’ Roger fought ardently for his song to be released as the B-side, though this was initially met with resistance. Roger told the Detroit Free Press in 1982 that “I wish that would’ve been a single in its time. Of course, I made just as much money on it. It was the backside of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ so I probably made more money that way.”

Producer Roy Thomas Baker explained the bands arguments were based on: “that royalty thing. I remember Roger moping about because he really wanted his song, ‘I’m In Love With My Car’, on the B-side of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. He locked himself in the tape closet at SARM (recording studios) and said he wouldn’t come out until they agreed to put it on!”

Sixteen years after its initial release, the scars still had yet to heal, as Brian May explained to Q magazine, “We always rowed about money. A lot of terrible injustices take place over songwriting. The major one is B-sides. Like, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ sells a million and Roger gets the same writing royalties as Freddie because he did “I’m In Love With My Car.’ There was contention about that for years.”

Considering one of Roger’s songs wouldn’t be released as an A-side until 1982, and even then as a US-only single, having ‘I’m In Love With My Car’ as a B-side was a small concession — though his bandmates were less than amused when he purchased a Surrey mansion in 1978, while the others were still residing in modest city homes.

A beautiful picture of Queen at Ridge Farm summer of ‘75

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“I hate trying to analyse my songs to the full. You should never ask me that. My lyrics are basically for people’s interpretations. I will say as much as I can about certain songs I write, but in the end I don’t like to pull a song apart because I don’t even analyse them myself – I just sing them. I write them and record them and it’s up to the listener to take it the way he or she feels, otherwise I ruin a kind of mystique that might portray that track.

I hate doing that. People say, “What does that lyric mean?” I don’t like to explain what I was thinking when I wrote the song. “Does it means this, does it mean that?” is all anybody wants to know. F*** them darlings! I will say no more than what any decent poet would tell you if you dared ask him to analyse his work. If you see it, then it’s there. You interpret it how you want to. There’s no great big message. I try to conjure up something and get into a song, and then I hope that people will try to make up their own minds about it – which is a good thing.

That’s exactly what I feel like when I listen to anybody’s album. I like people to put their own interpretation on my songs. Really they are just little fairy stories.

Freddie Mercury

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4 September 1974, Queen posed for pictures that are now Iconic

Johnny Dewe Mathews first photoshoot of Queen was taken @ Primrose Hill (his London studio) on 4th September 1974, a couple of months before the band released their third album ‘Sheer Heart Attack’. Digressing from the progressive themes featured on their first two albums, this album featured more conventional rock tracks and marked a step towards the “classic” Queen sound. It was produced by the band and Roy Thomas Baker and launched Queen to mainstream popularity in both the UK and throughout the world

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“I have Mary and that gets me through. I still see her everyday and I am as fond of her now as I have ever been. I will love her until I draw my last breath. We’ll probably grow old together”

Freddie Mercury, In His Own Words

I have not seen this picture before, it’s blurry but still beautiful. Kensington Roof Gardens Night Club Party following the Wembley concert, July 12, 1986

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I’ll carry on as long as I write music and people want to buy it. That’s important to me, but it’s not the be all and end all. I’m not going to be one of those old hams that keep going and going. I’d rather leave it at the top. I want to carry on doing what I am doing, but there’s a price to pay and I’m quite prepared to pay it. To me, what I do is priority and it’s what I love doing. Music is the thing that keeps me together. It’s like a shield for me – my musical abilities. I can fend off all kinds of things. So it’s like a battle all the time, but I don’t mind as long as I win through. I’ve built a structure, a kind of musical belief in myself, and that keeps me going. This is in my blood. The only thing I can do is to write music and perform, and that’s what I’m going to be doing – I think that’s what all of us are going to be doing, until we die…..

Freddie In His Own Words

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