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1986, Garden Lodge, London, UK – Freddie Mercury’s 40th birthday party
Freddie Mercury with Anita Dobson

Anita Dobson, television actress and singer, is well-known for her role as Angie Watts on the soap opera.
Anita married Brian May in 2000

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21 April 1979, Queen performed @ Jissen Rinri Kinenkan in Kanazawa, Japan 🇯🇵 “Live Killers Tour”

A petition from fans led to this show being added to the itinerary. Even though it was April, it was still very cold outside to the point that heaters had to be brought into the dressing room. Mercury caught a cold, and it affected his voice for the rest of the tour.

After ‘Now I’m Here,’ Freddie introduces pianist Brian May formally for the first time, and invites the audience to sing along to the next song. “So get on with it! This is called “Teo Torriatte.”

Brian gets the instrumentation of ‘Love Of My Life’ wrong: “This is a song Freddie wrote about three years ago for the piano and voice, and we’ve adapted it for piano and guitar.” Of course he intended to say “guitar and voice.”

‘Spread Your Wings’ is in a peculiar place in the setlist tonight. Like last night, it was probably dropped in favour of ‘Teo Torriate,’ but Freddie thought he’d give it a shot later in the show. But Queen would drop the John Deacon favourite from the set after this show because Freddie’s voice was weakening. ‘If You Can’t Beat Them’ is dropped for a few shows, too.

This fantastic picture is from this particular tour in Japan 🇯🇵

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Japan, Mid April 1979 – Freddie Mercury at Crown Plaza Fukuoka Hotel, during interview for Music Life magazine, during ‘Live Killers Tour’

Photographer © Koh Hasebe

👉 Queen in Japan: from April 13th, 1979 to May 6th, 1979

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‘This particular evening we had a barbeque in the garden behind the house, we played guitars, Freddie got on the grand piano which was just inside the doors and started fooling around with Jim Sanders doing four handed renditions of both his and other songs … even classical.’

Courtesy of James Arthurs

In this fantastic picture: Jim Sanders, Freddie, James Arthurs, Peter Jones, Connecticut, Summer 1980.

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20 April 1982, Queen performed at Palais des Sports in Paris, France 🇫🇷 “Hot Space Tour”

Freddie, after ‘Play The Game’: “Alright my little froggies. Bien. Is everything bien?” He laughs at himself as he seems to have learned how to use one more French word. He then starts to introduce the next song, but gets distracted by an audience member. “Are you Italian? Are you spaghetti?”

By this point in the tour, Freddie’s heartfelt vocal exchange with the audience before ‘Save Me,’ including things like “it’s all okay” and “everything’s gonna be alright,” has become a regular occurrence.

A very unique thing happens before ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ – Freddie introduces the song by singing bits of the chorus, leading to a call and response with the audience.

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April 14th, 1979 – Queen Story!
Queen perform at the Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, during ‘Live Killer Tour’

In this photo Queen during the interview on Japanese TV recorded earlier in the day

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