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June 1974, Arlette House, 143 Wardour St, Soho, London, UK, (opposite Trident Recording Studios) – Freddie Mercury, John Deacon and Roger Taylor being interviewed for Japanese music magazine ‘Music Life’.
Brian May was absent after the health problems.
After he regained his health he would join them to finish their third album, ‘Sheer Heart Attack’.

  • Trident Studios founded by brothers Norman and Barry Sheffield, first manager the group, working with them from 1972 to mid 1975 –

📷 Photo by Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music

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A friendship which lasts sixteen years is a hell of a long time. It’s a tough one. What do I think?

It was hard to avoid Freddie at first as both our paths were constantly crossing. We both ate in the same restaurants, drank at the same clubs and knew the same people. In the nineteen thirties, they would have had a name for our loose group, like the Algonquin Round Table or the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald set. Business people, artists of every shape and medium. Painters, actors and actresses, media folk, musicians, dancers both classical and modern. It was a pot pourri, a heady combination, something which I’m sure still exists but which to me remains rather special and unique within my memory. It was inevitable that Freddie and I would get to know each other more than just two ships which pass in the night.

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“I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings. Be your Valentino just for you!”

16 June 1977 – Queen recorded ‘Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy’ for Britain’s famed, Top Of The Pops….

Freddie Mercury wrote this fun song for Queen’s fifth album, “A Day At The Races.” (1976)

Just a week after their two-night gig at London’s Earls Court Arena, Queen popped into the Top Of The Pops studios to film a video for their latest single, Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy. (Instead of a conventional single release, an EP was released instead, though Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy was featured as the “main” track.) Because their schedule allowed it, the band decided to “reconnect” with their British fans and perform especially for them, instead of just creating a promotional video and sending it off to various TV outlets. In keeping with tradition on the BBC, the band recorded a drastically different arrangement of the song and then mimed along to that. While this performance has been seen on both the original and Top Of The Pops 2 over the years, it finally gained an official release in 2002.

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Mid June 1989 – Queen Story!
Queen shooting promotional video “Breakthru” (from the album ‘The Miracle’)
Director The Torpedo Twins (Do. Ro.);
Filming Location Nene Valley Railway, Cambridgeshire, UK

👉 It was Freddie’s idea to choose Debbie to shoot the video

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16 September 1980, Queen performed at the James H. Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa, USA 🇺🇸 with Dakota. “The Game Tour”

When Queen hit the stage, after ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘We Will Rock You (fast)’ Freddie said to the audience: “Hello Ames, Iowa… home of the Cyclones!” and everybody truly went nuts! That’s because back in the day, the Iowa State University Cyclones were a strong basketball team.

Here’s a fantastic fan story written by Dave about his experience: 💛

I first saw Queen in Chicago on the Day at the Races Tour. It was the show where someone from the balcony dropped eggs onto the stage and Brian slipped and fell during The Millionaire Waltz. We had lousy seats behind the stage.

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15 September 1982, Queen performed a second and final evening at the legendary LA Forum, Inglewood, California

“Hot Space North American Tour”

We played the Forum the next evening for the second show, and Michael Jackson came backstage to visit Freddie. I had no idea that Freddie and Michael had been great friends for a long time. Michael, along with one of his personal assistants, came into the dressing room. He and Freddie were both extremely excited to see each other. As a matter of fact, afterward, we went back to the Beverly Hills Hotel and had a nice dinner. It’s always interesting to see people in the same business share ideas and just talk about everyday things, and that’s what they did. I didn’t really have an opportunity to get to know a ton about Michael, but Freddie had mentioned to me before that he was a friend of his. I had forgotten about that. Just seeing Michael show up was the ultimate. That’s all I can say. It was the ultimate experience to meet his brothers and him as well.”

Vic Robinson – “Never Say Never”
Freddie Mercury’s Personal Bodyguard during “Hot Space North American Tour”

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14 June 1986, Queen performed @ Hippodrome de Vincennes in Paris, France 🇫🇷 “Magic Tour”

Tonight, Freddie debuts his Majestic Robe and Crown

As in all the early ‘Magic tour shows,’ Freddie is in superb voice.

Brian, before ‘Love Of My Life’: “Thank you for coming. I know some of you have come a long way. We appreciate it.” Someone in the audience with a British accent says, “Fucking right there. Play ’39 or I’ll kill ya!”

For the first time on the tour, the band exit the breakdown of ‘A Kind Of Magic’ completely cleanly (on the video, Freddie and Brian are seen talking to ensure they do!), and Freddie is clearly thrilled about it. After the song, he asks, “Where is this? Is this Paris? I just forgot for one minute.”

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