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“Freddie Mercury was like a very rare gem or a rare painting. There will never be another Freddie.”

On stage, the bigger the better. Freddie would play to 100,000 people and he was amazing.
In private, he was a lovely person, great class, great style, I mean — he had a Picasso in his bathroom! It was amazing.

He had great, great style. And he cared about people, which was nice. When we were recording in the Abbey Road studio he used to bring in a big hamper packed full with exotic food including caviar, salmon, different cheeses and his favourite Cristal champagne. In private he really was a lovely and caring man. And his generosity went far beyond his closest friends and fellow workers. Total strangers regularly benefited from his kindness.

If something came up on TV about someone in financial trouble he would send off a cheque anonymously through one of his companies. I remember him sending a cheque off a couple who were out of work and whose house had been repossessed. He did things like that so many times. He would see something on the news or be told about someone’s hardship and immediately reach for a chequebook. He liked real people. He may have been larger than life and one of the world’s best performers when he was on stage but in private he was very, very human.

To work with, as a performer — and having been an artist myself you appreciate God’s given talent — he was amazing. The thing I really miss about him is his enthusiasm. He had an amazing sense of humour and he always made you laugh. He didn’t take life too seriously. He lifted your spirits up.’

‘It surprised me that Freddie and I became such great friends because our personalities were total opposites. But maybe I brought a bit of sanity. We all come from the same background. But he had class and style, Freddie, no question.

Where we were similar was creatively. We were both perfectionists. Freddie was very much in control of his own life, of what he recorded and everything he did. He would come to me for advice.

He could talk to me about his creative things and his businesses which he couldn’t talk to other people about because he knew I had no vested interest and I would give him an honest opinion.

Freddie lived life to the full. He had a zest for life. He was definitely not a sad person at all. He had his crazy parties.
And right up until his last birthday he decided to have an amazing dinner party at his house he just invited 30 of his closest friends and we had 30 courses created by his personal chef Joe Fanelli with a different wine for each course.

“Never boring!”

Dave Clark – English musician, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur

Dave Clark and Mercury had been friends since meeting in 1976 after a Queen concert in London’s Hyde Park, though they became close working together in 1985 recording the soundtrack album for Clark’s musical Time.

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