David Wigg: So if you looked in the mirror and reflected on the true Freddie Mercury, who, who, who is he, what is he?

Freddie: I didn’t do that before, I just think, well I think I’m quite a sort of um, I’m quite a chameleon, you know, and I change, I have moods, and, and I think that it’s, it’s a combination of a lot of sort of you know characters that make up a person anyway, yeah. I go into my moods I think, I think over, over and above yes I’d probably say I’m a sort of person of extremes because I can be very soft, but that makes me that much more tenacious and what, it’s like something trying to get out of me, so that I can actually um, when I’m off stage I calm down and become, I become a very different person. I research, gather lots of energy, gather lots of information and thing, and then I just use it to, so there’s, in a way, there’s no sort of half measures. I, I’m hot and cold, and I think I like to be that way, so, so, so that what I’m gathering, you know I gain momentum, and I, and I, and when I know I want to release it, it comes across like a tidal wave, and then there’s a lull (David: yes, yes) but I’d, I’d hate to take that back home with me

David: Mmm, very good. Freddie do you feel you, you, would you say you’re a difficult person to live with, or not?

Freddie: Oh yes, I think we all are, to be honest, I mean

David: Do you?

Freddie: I think so, well, I, I think I am, something, you’d be surprised, because I mean, it’s, it’s not for you to say, (David: no) the only way you can find out whether you, is, is the other person, or other persons (David: yes), so I mean I think that kind of thing, I mean, it’s not up to you, I mean I, I think I, you know I’m not perfect by no means, but I mean I think I, I live within, in a fair way, but that doesn’t mean anything, because I mean there are lots of different, um, outlooks on how people behave and everything, but I mean I think I give, whoever I’m living with, I give people a, a fair chance, I’m sometimes too lenient, maybe that’s my fault, I think…

I’m a very, I’m a very um, possessive person (David: that’s what I want to know), which I am, I am but then you see I want my cake and eat it too, which is what everybody wants, but I am yes, I think in, in terms of that kind of thing, I can, yes I can be, I can go to great lengths trying to be um, be um (David: loyal?) loyal, yeah, just to prove a point and um, but then once, if I, the moment I find somebody’s betrayed me, I go the other way, and then, then they’ll find that I’m very hard to live with then, because then, once I’m betrayed, I’m an ogre!

The David Wigg Interviews
Freddie Mercury in Ibiza, recorded the week 29 August – 5 September 1987
The Great Pretender

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