In my Defence Videoclip

The song was written by Dave Clark, David Soames and Jeff Daniels for the musical Time. During the musical, Mercury performed the song as a duet with Cliff Richard; this was the last time Mercury sang live in concert; his last performance would be Barcelona in 1988 with Montserrat Caballé, but that performance was lip-synced. Recorded as a solo project, it was recorded at Abbey Road in October 1985, about six months after Mr. Bad Guy was released. The producers expected that if Mercury was not satisfied with the final song, they would let him record with the rest of Queen, but Mercury found the final version satisfactory. “In My Defence” was first released on the Time LP in 1986. Other versions include ‘(Ron Nevison Mix)’ – released on The Freddie Mercury Album and instrumental version (with vocals for the last line) released also on The Solo Collection. The Ron Nevison mix is very similar to the original, but has different bass and drums, while some string parts were added and others were removed. The 2000 Remix is a remastered version of the Ron Nevison mix and has the same instrumentation mixed differently.

The music video, made after Mercury’s death in 1991, was directed by Rudi Dolezal and was a montage featuring outtakes of past music videos, numerous private shots, as well as highlights of Mercury’s career. Dolezal wanted the video that showed Mercury being happy and having a good time; much of the footage is the same as the previous “The Show Must Go On” montage also compiled by DoRo Productions consisting of Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher. It also features several quotations from interviews with Mercury, and ends with the line “I still love you” from “These Are the Days of Our Lives“.

“I Was Born To Love You”

April 1985 – Freddie Mercury with Deborah Pollington (or Glenda Grabb?) during promotional video “I Was Born To Love You” (single to be lifted from the “Mr. Bad Guy” album, released in 1985)Filming Location: Limehouse Studio, Docklands, London, UKDirector David Mallet- Written by Freddie Mercury

I Was Born to Love You” is a 1985 song by Freddie Mercury, and was released as a single and on the Mr. Bad Guy album. After Mercury’s death, Queen re-worked this song for their album Made in Heaven in 1995, by having the other members play their instrumental parts over the original track, transforming the song from a disco song to a rock song. The Queen version from the Made in Heaven album also includes samples of Mercury’s ad-lib vocals taken from “A Kind of Magic” and from “Living on My Own“.

The song received its live debut on the 2005 tour of Japan, given by Queen + Paul RodgersBrian May and Roger Taylor performed the song acoustically. The song was also performed during the concerts given by Queen + Adam Lambert in South Korea and Japan, which was the first time that a full live band was used for the performance.