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> LIVE > 70s > A Day at the Races Tour > Onondaga War Memorial in Syracuse, New York, USA 🇺🇸 “A Day At The Races Tour”

8 February 1977, Queen performed @ Onondaga War Memorial in Syracuse, New York, USA  “A Day At The Races Tour”

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Gallery update Photoshoot 004 1981

Gallery update Photoshoot 004 1981

February 1981 – Freddie Mercury in Japan 🇯🇵

Queen performed five shows in Tokyo at the famed Nippon Budokan during a short ‘Flash Gordon Japanese” Tour

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We were out to dinner in a flash London restaurant

We were out to dinner in a flash London restaurant

“We were out to dinner in a flash London restaurant. In the table, next to us, was a the famous Formula One driver.

From the chatting going on across tables, it was ascertained that this F1 driver was going to a night club across the city, that Freddie, often, went to, so Freddie bondly said: ‘Hey, my Gemma’s a bit quick behind the wheel.

I bet we could beat you to the nightclub!’.

Freddie being Freddie. All i remember is going about 90 miles for hour the wrong way down, one ways stretts, lights flashing, and Freddie bouncing up and down, sat in the front passenger seat of the Roller, willing the car to go faster and faster, like some demented Roman chariot driver.

We beat the F1 driver, of course!!

Peter Jones worked for Freddie from 1978 to 1985 as personal assistant/ bodyguard/driver. Freddie also named him: Gemma

Gallery link Photoshoot 003 1981

Gallery link Photoshoot 003 1981

QUEEN HISTORY – 21 September 1981

Queen are in New Orleans preparing for a forthcoming tour of South America.

📷 Queen in New Orleans, 1981

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Gallery update press conference Italy 1984

Gallery update press conference Italy 1984

3 & 4 February 1984 – Queen headlined the Sanremo Music Festival. It was the band’s very first performance in Italy 🇮🇹

They were out promoting their album ‘The Works’ and mimed ‘Radio Ga Ga’

In an Italian newspaper article Freddie Mercury said “The Police and Barry Manilow both pulled out of San Remo when they heard we were top of the bill and they would have to support us. But Boy George turned up. He later remarks that Boy George possesses a great talent. He thinks he’s very brave – referring to his camp image – and sees definite similarities between George and himself during Queen’s early days.

They wanted to sing and play live, but the organization of the Festival forced them to do a mimed exhibition, like all the other artists and like every other tv show at that time (except for the US tv programme Saturday Night Live). Freddie, in protest, performed for almost the entire duration of the song keeping the microphone away from his mouth.

Freddie Mercury during the press conference

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Mr. Itami was Freddie’s personal bodyguard in Japan for years.

Mr. Itami recalls how generous Freddie was, always buying him things whenever they went shopping together, and how shy Freddie was in the early years when they first met.

He and Freddie remained close until 1986.

“In Japan we needed protection because you couldn’t go down into the lobby of the hotel – it was infested by really nice people waiting for autographs. We each had a personal bodyguard, and mine was called Itami. He was the head of the Tokyo bodyguard patrol and his entire job was to pamper and cosset me throughout the tour and make sure no harm came to my person. He was very sweet and gave me a lovely Japanese lantern, which I treasure.” (Freddie Mercury, 1975)

“When we were reunited at the Plaza Hotel in Osaka on May 15, Queen’s last night, Freddie decided he wasn’t going out today. I happened to see Roger in the hall who said ‘I’m going to go out for a bit’. So, I decided to join him. We went into town, had a few beers, then came back to the hotel.

Then one of the staff comes to me and says ‘Itami-San! Freddie was looking for you, apparently he wanted to go out.’ I was like ‘this is bad!’.

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