Gallery update backstage  Canada

Gallery update backstage Canada

26 January 1977, Queen performed @ The Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

‘A Day At The Races’ Tour

There’s many pictures of the band backstage. The first picture is the band with Ian Hunter and Roy Thomas Baker (they were special guests).

Freddie loved taking pictures and enjoyed his Polaroid before the show. He was taking tons of pics. The band were fascinated with his hobby. Brian May took the beautiful picture of Freddie snapping pictures on his Polaroid camera as seen in the third picture.

Brian enjoyed photography, Freddie himself also embraced the art – despite being known for being shy in private – he loved snapping away with his polaroid.

Brian said the following of Freddie:

“Freddie was a photographer. He loved his Polaroids. He used to take masses of Polaroids of all his friends, portraits, and then give them all away. It was just one of Freddie’s things. Very generous nature, Freddie. He loved photography. I was able to snap him in the moment

Queen were back at the City Hall in Truro,

Queen were back at the City Hall in Truro,

Queen were back at the City Hall in Truro, where they were billed as appearing with ‘Dream Machine Disco’. Connie Bawden (wife of Pete Bawden, close friend of Roger’s who helped organise most of his escapades in Cornwall under his booking agency, Eclipse, also founder of PJ’s)remembers this first City Hall gig of 1971 better than her husband.

It was because on that particular night, Pete was called away. Connie: “It was a bit of a fiasco. Pete got a phone call: the entertainment hadn’t turned up at the Tregye Hotel so he had to take all his disco equipment out of the City Hall and go there instead. So in the end it was just me and the band and no disco. Freddie had joined by then. Queen weren’t yet famous, but they were a sell out.

They already had a following in Truro then. When half-time came they traipsed across to the Navy Arms (pub) and it was like death in the City Hall, because there was no music as we’d planned.

Then they came back from the pub and Brian’s guitar string broke so it took about another half an hour to get that sorted! The Navy Arms used to be quite the place. We often went to the Navy. Pat and Sue Johnstone (friends of Roger’s since his ‘Reaction’ days and they launched Queen’s fan club in 1974) were there that night, and I remember Queen going off with them.

This was Queen’s fifth gig on the Cornwall 11-date tour in which Pete Bawden and Eclipse helped organise. He put together the Driftwood Spars and City Hall dates that year, though most of the others would have been organised by Roger Taylor either from London, or opportunistically whilst already in Cornwall.

Gallery update live killers tour Belgium

Gallery update live killers tour Belgium

26 January 1979, Queen perform the first evening @ Vorst Nationaal (Forest Nationale), Brussels, Belgium 🇧🇪 “Live Killers” Tour

Before the concert, the promo video for their new single ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (directed by Jorgan Kliebenst) is filmed.

Freddie, after the first song: “Hello Brussels! We meet again! It’s really nice to be back. You wanna rock? You wanna roll? Okay, let’s dooooooo it!”

Brian: “Thank you, good evening people of Brussels. It’s great to see you again. An old song for you now. This is a song from a couple years ago. This is something called ‘Somebody To Love.’”

Freddie, after a standing ovation following ‘You’re My Best Friend’: “Merci beaucoup! You lovely people. Okay, on with the show. Do you people remember a group called Mott The Hoople? I’m sure some of you do. A long, long time back when we first started out, we did a tour with those guys – the only support tour of our lives. And Brian wrote a song in dedication. This is from an album called ‘Sheer Heart Attack’.”

While listening to the audience sing a football chant after ‘Now I’m Here’, Freddie says: “Let me hear you, c’mon! Thank you, you’re a beautiful audience.”

Brian, after ‘Spread Your Wings’: “Somehow you make a good noise here, people. You’re great. I think I should tell you an interesting fact. We’re thinking of making a live album, and this is the first night we’ve ever recorded for a live album, so I hope you make a nice little noise, as you are.”

Speaking to masses of cheers: Freddie says, “The last time we did this song when we were here, you were the best choir in the world. We’d like a repeat performance. This next number is called ‘Love Of My Life’.” After the song, Brian says, “You’re the best. The best. Unbelieveable. I don’t think we need a singer.” Someone in the audience keeps shouting for ‘I’m In Love With My Car’, even though Queen have already played the song. Brian continues, “Right, we’d like you to sing some more if you’d like. This is called ’39.”

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You’re My Best Friend’ by Queen peaked at #16 on the USA charts

31 July 1976 – ‘You’re My Best Friend’ by Queen peaked at #16 on the USA charts 🇺🇸

This enduring, heartfelt song was written by John Deacon for his lovely wife Veronica Tetzlaff and it remains one of Queens best-selling singles of all time.

This song was actually written using an electric piano, a Wurlitzer, and when John was wanting to incorporate the instrument with his lyrics. Freddie, did not want to play it, he said, “I refuse to play that damn thing. Why play that horrible, tiny thing when you have a lovely superb piano.”

“Well, Freddie didn’t like the electric piano, so I took it home and I started to learn on the electric piano and basically that’s the song that came out, you know, when I was learning to play piano. It was written on that instrument and it sounds best on that, you know, often on the instrument that you wrote the song on.”

  • (John Deacon 1977, BBC Radio One)

“John didn’t write that many songs but when he did – as with ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ and ‘I Want To Break Free’ – they were big, big hits. ‘You’re My Best Friend’ became one of the most-played tracks on American radio. John was a dark horse, generally the quiet guy in Queen. We would ask him sometimes, ‘Have you got anything, John?’ and he was very self-effacing about what he had written. ‘You’re My Best Friend’ was about his lovely lady wife.” ~ Brian May

“You’re My Best Friend” is such a cool song, obviously with a complex bass line. John Deacon wrote it about his wife Veronica. Looking back on it, here’s a guy, very understated, writes a song about his wife and it turns out to be one of Queen’s biggest singles ever. And, then after Freddie’s death, he decides not to continue with Brian and Roger and leaves the business, it’s too much. He chooses to stay home with his best friend, his wife. So, in a way, that song sums up who John Deacon is…” ♥️
(David Ellefson, Bassist for Megadeath)

I really love the last quote and it’s absolutely true!


The more and more I worked for Queen and got an opportunity to be around Freddie Mercury

The more and more I worked for Queen and got an opportunity to be around Freddie Mercury

“The more and more I worked for Queen and got an opportunity to be around Freddie Mercury, it just became an extraordinary thing for me. I didn’t know it prior to finishing the tour, but it ended up being , musically, the best tour that I had ever been on. I mean, The Rolling Stones tour was awesome, but the Queen tour was so incredible theatrically, music-wise, and vocally, and the light show was second to none. It was like some kind of….I don’t know, I don’t even have the right words for it. Every time I try to come up with the right words for what a Queen show was like, my vocabulary fails me. I can’t do it.

All I can tell you is, if you ever had a chance to see a Queen show back in the day, then you had an opportunity to see something very special, because Freddie Mercury is an incredible vocalist and an incredible showman. He could take a crowd in the palm of his hands and make them do whatever. We’d have shows where he’d be singing and people would be crying.

I said it then, and I’ll say it now, if there are five people who can sing and perform better than Freddie Mercury could, show them to me. As a matter of fact, if there’s even one, I’d be surprised, because when it came to singing, performing, and theatrics-the whole shebang-he was just incredible!”

Victor “Vic” Robinson – “Never Say Never”

Personal Security Detail for Freddie Mercury during the 1982 “Hot Space North American Tour”

July 1986 – Freddie shopping with Mary and entourage

July 1986 – Freddie shopping with Mary and entourage

July 1986 – Freddie shopping with Mary and entourage

“It was funny to see how things really go. We organised a trip to Szentendre for Freddie in the greatest secrecy. We went there by three cars: I was in one with Freddie and two friends of mine, who offered to guide him through the antique shops, while there were guards in the other two.

We arrived to Szentendre with three enormous black vehicles. We needed fifteen people to go anywhere with him, so we entered the antiques shops in a small crowd. The news spread with light speed in the town.

By the time we exited the shop, there were at least three hundred fans outside waiting for Freddie, who gave a few autographs. This happened 3 or 4 times until the end of our visit: there was a great excitement around him, although he just went to buy some relics.

However, he came with me to the Great Market, he disguised himself with a baseball cap only and nobody recognised him; and he was just looking around, acting like any other tourists.”

László Hegedűs

He organized the event

Source: Hungarian Daily News

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