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Freddie and his friends had a gathering before his 36th Birthday

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4 September 1982, Freddie and his friends had a gathering before his 36th Birthday

By September 4, the bands progress had arrived at the PNE Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada. As a treat, Freddie had flown over four of the posse of his New York Daughters. Perhaps Bill Reid felt left out. I don’t know, because Freddie spent all afternoon in the hotel suite’s sitting room having afternoon tea. This seemed quite appropriate as Vancouver is quite the most British of all the North American continent’s cities. So, it was Earl Grey tea, cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge, all the way. Admittedly, after the novelty of the tea party wore off, Freddie then ordered half a dozen bottles of champagne and a bottle or two of Stolichnaya vodka from room service.

Queen’s Live Aid Interview:

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Brian May: It was actually the BPI Awards that we went to to collect an award and Geldof was a few tables away and came over and said “How about doing this, this thing?” And he said “We’re going to have this and this and this and this.” And we said “Oh yeah, I’m sure.” You know? I think he thought it was an almost impossible thing to get together but we said “Yeah, we’d be interested.” And then a bit later when he rang up and said “Look, Brian, I have to have a commitment. You know?” And so we all sort of talked about it a bit more ….

Interviewer: Is that because you support the cause and want to do your bit or because it’s such a unique rock even that you can’t afford to miss out in a way?

Freddie Mercury: To answer that, honestly it’s a bit of both actually. Cause I think it is a very good cause and initially I think we would have liked to have taken part in the Band Aid single but I think we were in separate parts of the globe. And so the second bash I did was this thing and also the fact that some of the biggest and best known groups around the world are taking part, why not us? So I think it makes me personally proud to be a part of it.

Queen perform at the Rasunda Fotballstadion, Stockholm, Sweden

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– June 7th, 1986 – Queen Story!
Queen perform at the Rasunda Fotballstadion, Stockholm, Sweden
⚪It’s the opening concert of the ‘Magic Tour’ –

👉 June the mighty Queen machine rolled into action for the very last time with Freddie, and the Magic tour of Europe commenced. Using the biggest stage and lighting rig ever assembled, the band played mostly stadiums and some large arenas across Europe and the UK.

Queen was one of the very few bands that knew how to survive

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Queen was one of the very few bands that knew how to survive. I think Freddie always really knew what he could get away with, what the public would take. He was ahead of everybody else like that. He was just one of those fantastic guys. He loved the life. Loved the music business, lived for it. He worked at it every day. Never stopped. Enjoyed it. He’d never have stopped. His records may have become a little less frequent but he’d have never given it up. He never blamed the record company if a record wasn’t a hit. He knew when a record wasn’t happening. You never got any grief out of him, like it’s everyone’s fault but his.

EMI was a good record company for him. He got his own way with most things because because he was usually always right. Jim Beach did a fantastic job for him too, he really understood that Freddie had the rightest creative instincts that anyone could have had. The videos may have been wild but the records always stood on their own. If one didn’t work, get another one out. No recriminations. They got on with it. No one song was ever so special that he said:‘” That’s it … I’ll never do better than that!” With him, it was always onto the next. Lots of artists never recover from a big record like Bo Rhap. Freddie did and just got on with the next and the next. ♥️🌹

David Munns
General Manager of EMI in the early seventies

One Year of Love’ was released in Spain

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‘One Year of Love’ was released in Spain and France only on 4 June 1986 with ‘Gimme The Prize’ as the b-side.

This romantic, tasteful soul-ballad was written by John Deacon (in the key of D) for ‘Highlander’ it was included on Queen’s twelfth studio album, ‘A Kind of Magic’ which went immediately to the top upon its release.

This song was recorded in late 1985 at the Townhouse Studios, London. It´s one of the most untypical Queen-songs ever!

Roger only used a bass-drum, snare and closed Hi-Hat. The bass sound is very warm with lots of treble as well as bass-portion.