Welcome to Freddie Mercury Online, Your latest online resource dedicated to the talented Frontman. Freddie is best known as the singer from the band Queen. Songs like Radio Gaga, We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody are numbers of the band. Unfortunately Freddie is no longer with us but through this fansite you will learn so much about the legend Freddie Mercury. Enjoy the gallery and the news.
Apr 22
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February 1980 – Queen Story!
Queen scored their first No 1 in the USA with ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, written by Freddie Mercury and taken from “The Game” album, 1980

We cruised with a smile on our faces into the east of the city and our Hilton home. Fred was reinstalled in his grand suite and wanted to take a bath before going to the studio. I called Musicland and announced that ‘his self’ was now back and would shortly be arriving. Fred was humming and tapping in the bath and shouting out the names of chords: ‘D – yes, and C and G – Ratty, quick – come here!’ ‘Uh, you want me to come into your bathroom, Fred? I’m not sure about this.’ ‘No, no! Get me a guitar! Now!’ He emerged from the bathroom wrapped in towels, still dripping, and scurried into the living room of the suite where I gave him the battered acoustic that had been installed for these impulsive creative moments. Fred strummed away for a short time with his fingers – he never used a pick or plectrum, even on stage. Seizing the urgency of the moment, Fred insisted we make a dash to Musicland where a halt was called to whatever work was in progress. He summoned the band into the studio and enthused about tperiod w idea, which they started to work on and record immediately. The song was ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, one of Queen’s most successful worldwide singles.
It was a privilege to have been there with him”

  • Peter Hince
    Extract from Queen Unseen book

🎬 Screenshot: 1979 – Queen filmed video for “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” at Trillion Studios, London, UK, with director Dennis De Vallance

Apr 22
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Hey Darlings i added some pictures in the Gallery.

Candid photos of Queen outside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York 1980. Queen performed three sold-out nights at the legendary Madison Square Garden .1980

Apr 22
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“Is this the world we created?We made it on our own Is this the world we devastated right to the bone?If there’s a God in the sky looking downWhat can he think of what we’ve doneTo the world that He created?” January 1984 – Queen Story!”Is this the world we created?

We were looking at all the songs we had and we just thought the one thing we didn’t have was one of those little acoustic things, the Love Of My Life type of things. One of us said, “OK, I’m gonna go back and do it… go back and think about it”, but Brian… I just said, ‘Brian, why don’t we just think of something right here?’, and that song just evolved in about two days, he just got on acoustic and I just sat next to him, we just worked it together. I came up with the lyrical side and then he came up with the chords, and something just happened and it’s the first time that… we never had…

see, if I actually thought before this that Brian and I should sit down and write a song together, I don’t think it would happen, because then all kinds of egos… and who does what… this way we didn’t have to think about it, we just sort of went in there, and it seemed to work, it was sort of quite strong, it worked very well as a tail end of the album. I wouldn’t like to say I wrote all the lyrics, Brian helped, but I remember most of the lyrics of that song are mine, Brian probably did help with a line here and there.”-

Freddie Mercury on “Is this the world we created?” Interview 1984 Written as a last-minute replacement for ‘There Must Be More To Life Than This’, which had been written in 1981 and intended for the ‘Hot Space’ album and again for ‘The Works’ as the album closer. Freddie was reportedly inspired to write this song after viewing a documentary on television about poverty in Africa.(source: queenpedia.com) “Is this the world we created?” from ‘The Works’ album. Released: Frebruary 27, 1984Pic: July 13, 1985, Wembley Stadium, London, UK – Freddie Mercury on stage during “Is this the world we created?” ‘Live Aid’

Apr 22
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Hey Darlings .I added pictures in the gallery .26 September 1986 – Freddie Mercury, JimHutton with Joe Fanelli, take a lengthy Japanese Holiday.


Apr 22
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February 19th, 1977 – Queen Story!
Queen perform at the Sportatorium, Miami, Florida, USA, during ‘A Day At The Races’ Tour and filming ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ Promo Video

Tie Your Mother Down’ Promo Video directed by Bruce Gowers. Bruce also directed promotional video ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and others

Capitol Radio, London – November 1976

Intro: ‘Tie Your Mother Down’

Kenny Everett: God you’re noisy, Fred!

Freddie Mercury: “That’s one of the softer tracks” (laughs)

Kenny Everett: That track’s called “Tie Your Mother Down” from the new LP called “A Day At The Races”, which is actually ‘teffifico’ and it’s just out in time for Christmas.

Freddie Mercury: “Yes, that’s right”

Kenny Everett: Why tie your mother down?

Freddie Mercury: “Well this one in fact is a track written by Brian actually, I dunno why. Maybe he was in one of his vicious moods. I think he’s trying to out do me after “Death On Two Legs” actually”

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  • A kind of Magic
    A kind of Magic 1986
    Freddie Mercury
    A Kind of Magic" is the title track of the 1986 album of the same name by the British rock band Queen. It was written by the band's drummer, Roger Taylor, for the film Highlander and featured as the ending theme. The single reached number three in the UK Singles Chart, top ten in a number of European countries, and #42 on the US Billboard Hot 100.[1] The song is the opening track on the band's compilation albums, Greatest Hits II, and Classic Queen.
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