11-12 July 1986, Queen performed their epic Wembley Concerts

11-12 July 1986, Queen performed their epic Wembley Concerts

11-12 July 1986, Queen performed their epic Wembley Concerts – One year after their show-stealing Live Aid performance at Wembley, Queen returned to the venue to perform two sold-out shows to 150,000 fans in only two nights. The band broke all previous attendance records during their ‘Magic’ Tour.

“Lee and I had seen from afar that Live Aid was a tremendous success for Queen and Freddie. We were unable to attend that concert, but the ‘Kind Of Magic’ performance at Wembley Stadium was a definite go. Lee and I managed to take a week off from our jobs and were invited to stay at the recently finished and permanent home of Freddie’s. The Garden Lodge at Logan Place. This is when we met Jim Hutton for the first time and realised that Freddie was finally in love for real.

Freddie was in great spirits for this two-day concert in London. We were given excellent seats. They must have been prime seats because in the next box over sat Mick Jagger, enjoying the concert. We left him alone, which seemed appropriate for that situation.

The Sunday after the two concerts, in the midsummer, where the sun sets at 10pm, Freddie decided he wanted an outdoor party in the Garden. Although most people would set up a picnic table and lawn chairs, Freddie wanted more. He directed the entire dining room formal table and chairs as well as fine China to be moved out to the garden. How decadent, but how fun! It was a glorious evening with perfect weather.

That week was the first time my boyfriend of two years met Freddie. Brandon was a bit nervous but Freddie was gracious and warm. Freddie said to Brandon almost immediately after meeting him, ‘Darling, I’ve never seen Thor like this before. Come, tell Mother everything.’ Then, off they went for about forty-five minutes for a private talk. When I asked Brandon afterward what had happened, he told me, ‘Oh my God, Freddie is so kind and so totally down to earth.’ Freddie won Brandon over and vice versa.”

Thor Arnold

Pic: Thor Arnold, Freddie, Brandon Domiteowsky (Thor’s friend) and Lee Nolan pose on the limo bus to Wembley Stadium

Gallery update photoshoot 70s

Gallery update photoshoot 70s

15 December 1977 – Queen performed @ The Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada ‘News Of The World Tour’

Freddie Mercury during the North American ‘News Of The World Tour’ (he’s at the hotel @ The Aladdin)


Freddie was hugely talented

“Freddie was hugely talented. He was a natural musician. And he had an amazing voice. He could sing anything – from rock ’n’ roll to classical music. For example, apart from the Hectics, he was also part of a Western classical music group at school, where three boys would sing in three different keys. And that is probably one of the reasons for the eclectic sound he created for Queen in later years. By the way, his voice never changed over the years. If you listen to a Freddie Mercury CD, it sounds just like the young Freddie did back then, singing for the Hectics in Panchgani.

After school I lost track of Freddie. And given the very different kind of life that I led in the army, I’d never even heard of Freddie Mercury. It was only after he died, in 1991, that someone sent me a magazine cutting about Freddie, which happened to mention my name as one of the Hectics. It was only then that I learned his whole story. I went out and bought a couple of Freddie Mercury CDs, I remember. I could hardly recognise the face on the cover, but the voice sounded exactly like the Freddie I knew from our Hectics days.”

Victory Rana, member of The Hectics and Freddie’s friend at boarding school

In the top picture, Victory Rana is to the left, Bruce Murray and Farrokh (Freddie),

a lovely fan story from a young lady, Julie.

a lovely fan story from a young lady, Julie.

July 8, 9, 11 & 12, 1980, Queen performed four evenings at The famed LA Forum, Inglewood, California 🇺🇸

“The Game Tour”

Here’s a lovely fan story from a young lady, Julie. She was with a group of friends who not only saw Queen perform at The Forum but they met Freddie!

” I was a star struck teenager in 1980 when we sat near a stage at the LA forum to witness Queen concert.

Thanks to my uncle George Steele III who was a leader in the music industry , we were driven to the concert, just kids no adults. We stomped, clapped and sang our hearts out.

After the concert, we were ushered backstage where we waited until Freddie Mercury entered the room. He asked about how we liked the show and took pictures with us.”

Credit to Julie Seleine Hudash

A treasured memory for these young fans 💛😉

This picture was taken July 1980 at LA Forum

Gallery update Candids Freddie with Freddie Mack

Gallery update Candids Freddie with Freddie Mack

“Freddie was at my older brother Julian’s 12th birthday in his ‘Hard Life’ costume. I called Freddie ‘Ga Ga’ because of ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ it was the hit of the time.

When ‘Ga Ga’ came over, I actually was disappointed, I was expecting stage costumes, crowds and cheering…He would always say, ‘Sorry darling, I’m actually quite boring. This is me. This is it.’”

“My uncle Freddie gave me this huge teddy bear. It’s been everywhere I’ve been and now it’s home with my family and I see the same huge smile on my old girls face when she tackles this huge, entity of a bear (a pic of the bear is below) Freddie was a proud godfather!”

“He was at our house a lot during my childhood when he lived in Munich. If he was in London, he’d just fly over. We were the surrogate family for Freddie. We gave him that glimpse of domestic family life. He could move about here without being stopped all of the time. He was away from the party scene. It was a place he could retreat and just be himself without the need to perform in anyway. He was comfortable…

Even to this day, we still talk about ‘Uncle Freddie’ basically every time I sit down with anyone in my family.”

Freddie Mack


Freddie Mercury QuoteIn terms of the press, I’m a very hated person.

Freddie Mercury QuoteIn terms of the press, I’m a very hated person.

In terms of the press, I’m a very hated person. But I hate the press as well, so that goes both ways. Some papers want a certain kind of news, and it can wreck peoples lives. I think I’ve learned to live with it after all these years. I’d be a liar to say I’m not hurt by criticism, because everybody is. Of course I want everybody to say I’m wonderful and like my songs, and I don’t mind genuine well thought out criticism, but of course you’re going to get people who review our albums without even listening to them, and things like that. That’s the way of the world. I used to get really mad and start tearing my hair out, but I don’t have sleepless nights anymore. I learned to live with it. You need to be a strong- willed, astute person to survive in this industry. I never let the press worry me. Let them all come!

Freddie Mercury

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