Welcome to Freddie Mercury Online, Your latest online resource dedicated to the talented Frontman. Freddie is best known as the singer from the band Queen. Songs like Radio Gaga, We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody are numbers of the band. Unfortunately Freddie is no longer with us but through this fansite you will learn so much about the legend Freddie Mercury. Enjoy the gallery and the news.
Mar 22
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January 19th 1976. I Can’t remember what day of the week that was though. I remember this very slinky guy dressed in black leather with long hair and a serpent bracelet being shown into my surgery. He hardly looked at me. He looked at the prints around the walls of the surgery. He knew some of the artists. At first he behaved as though he was in an art gallery, positioning himself in front of each picture and appreciating it before moving on to the next. His voice was quite extraordinary. Very clear speaking voice, very musical. Lovely pronunciation. With a slight lisp. He was extremely shy. But there was a nice reaction between us.

I thought he was very Biba-ish, very Carnaby Street. His hands were forever flickering and waving as he emphasised whatever it was he was saying. You always got that feeling that he was manipulating you, producing the effect he wanted. In the nicest possible way, you knew you would never have to think of anything for the rest of the time you were due to be with him. He thought everything through for you, putting you at the centre of whatever production it was he was involved in whether it be a dinner or a party, an outing to the opera or the ballet. However, he made his mind up about you very quickly. He looked and decided within seconds whether he wanted to even speak another word to you. Very intelligent person, quietly studying and assimilating everything around him.Gordon AtkinsonFreddie’s GP and good friend and confidant until his death The extraction is from ‘This Was The Real Life : The Tale of Freddie Mercury’By David Evans and David Minns

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Mar 22
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20th January 1976; Not only did Queen break a new record. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ stayed at No.1 for nine weeks consecutively in the UK charts!Freddie Mercury was awarded his second Ivor Novello Award for the composition of this phenomenal masterpiece of a song! (Best Selling British Record)(The first was for the clever ‘Killer Queen’)

Mar 22
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Gallery Link Photoshoot Koh Hasebe

Mar 22
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January 19 th, 1985 – Queen Story!
Queen in Rio to perform at the ‘Rock in Rio Festival’, Brazil, Barra da Tijuca, during ‘Works!’ Tour – August ’84/May ’85

  • Second night in Rio

🔸At 2 am Queen take the stage again at the Rock In ‘Rio festival’ in front of an estimated crowd of between 250 and 300,000 spectators

🔸300,000 people a night have been listening to 90 hours of music over 10 days at a custom built arena nestling in the mountains at Barra Da Tijuca.

The place is 250,000 square metres in size and about the length of a small airport. It’s not your usual site with tacky old hamburger stands either. There’s a shopping centre with more than 30 shops, a fast food centre including the world’s largest McDonalds, a fully equipped hospital and flush toilets and showers.

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Mar 22
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Late September 1986, These days, Freddie Mercury, Jim Hutton and Joe Fanelli go on a Japanese Holiday….Our hostess during our Japanese tour was Misa Watanabe, she handled all of Queens affairs in Japan. Freddie bought her an exquisite Lalique lead Crystal vase as a present. It was made in France but prohibitively expensive to buy in Japan. The vase was far too delicate to be entrusted to baggage handlers, so we took it with us as hand luggage. But when we went through security, to Freddie’s annoyance,

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    A Kind of Magic" is the title track of the 1986 album of the same name by the British rock band Queen. It was written by the band's drummer, Roger Taylor, for the film Highlander and featured as the ending theme. The single reached number three in the UK Singles Chart, top ten in a number of European countries, and #42 on the US Billboard Hot 100.[1] The song is the opening track on the band's compilation albums, Greatest Hits II, and Classic Queen.
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