Welcome to Freddie Mercury Online, Your latest online resource dedicated to the talented Frontman. Freddie is best known as the singer from the band Queen. Songs like Radio Gaga, We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody are numbers of the band. Unfortunately Freddie is no longer with us but through this fansite you will learn so much about the legend Freddie Mercury. Enjoy the gallery and the news.
Nov 21
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27 August 2012 – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ voted 2nd Greatest Ever Rock Song by listeners to Planet Rock, being second to ‘Stairway To Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin.

“A lot of people slammed Bohemian Rhapsody, but who can you compare it to? Name one group who have done an operatic single. I can’t think of anybody. But we didn’t do an operatic single because we thought we’d be the only group to do it, it just happened.

Rhapsody was of an era, it was of its time. The time was right for that track then. To be honest, if we released it today, I don’t think it would be such a big hit. I’m not being modest; the feeling was right then for that kind of majestic recording. I just think that if it wasn’t written, and I was sitting here today, I wouldn’t write it now because of my awareness of what’s going on at the moment.”

Freddie Mercury

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is an epic, unforgettable masterpiece. It hit the #1 slot in the UK not once, but twice, and during Christmas time (1975 and 1991)!

The brilliant mind of Freddie! Legend 👑

The picture of Queen was taken at Les Ambassadeurs where they were presented with silver, gold and platinum discs for sales in excess of one million of their hit single ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, which was No 1 for 9 weeks, on Sept. 8, 1976 in London

Nov 21
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Obviously, Freddie left a tremendous impression on me. I, for one, wanted to continue this friendship, or at least keep Freddie and Phoebe as pen pals. I decided to contact Phoebe, whose address I was given, I mailed him a thank you card which included a cut-out relief of the New York City skyline.

I praised Peter for making everything happen smoothly and praised him for his outstanding care and organization skills for Freddie. By the way, Freddie told me he loved New York. I was soon to find out just how much. I had no idea if I would receive a response. After all, Freddie was an international superstar and what would he or Peter, although being very cordial, want with me.

Well, once month later, I received a wonderful letter from Peter, speaking for Freddie and indicating that Freddie was up for another meeting during the American portion of his upcoming performances. Peter said that Freddie would base himself in New York for his American/Canadian East Coast concerts, the most important being Montreal, this show would be taped.

I asked Peter if Freddie would want to meet my three best friends for some late night “pub crawling” with all of us. The answer was, “YES.”

A meeting was planned, and for the third time, I would meet up with Freddie. This time, however, with my entire posse.

Freddie liked each one of my friends and then took the initiative to invite us all to his hotel for Sunday brunch and cocktails at the Helmsley Palace Hotel. Everyone, including Peter, had a great time, and it became obvious that Freddie wanted to continue a friendship with me and my friends. (A friendship that sustained for the rest of his life)

Thor Arnold
Don’t Stop Us Now in New York

Thor and Freddie pictured having a good laugh!
This is how we love to see Freddie, himself and having fun !

Nov 21
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20 August 1986 – Queen release ‘Pain Is so Close to Pleasure’ bw ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’ (from Queen’s twelfth studio album, ‘A Kind Of Magic’) on Capitol Records (USA). It didn’t chart in the US but peaked #26 on Dutch Top 40 charts and #56 on German charts

The song began with a riff idea by Brian May, then John Deacon and Freddie Mercury turned it into a song, with Deacon playing rhythm guitar. The song attempts to fuse together R&B with programmed pop, onto which Freddie added a distinct, beautiful falsetto vocal (this will be the last time he will ever sing a Queen song completely in falsetto).

As with most Freddie Mercury songs, the track has prominent keyboards and like all other John Deacon Songs, a prominent bass line. John originally got involved with this song after Brian, Freddie’s contributions were so significant that John insisted he also receive authorship credit.

“There’s a song called ‘Pain Is So Close To Pleasure’ which I started off, and I think again John and Freddie worked together on it. That’s really sort of a motown sounding track, very unusual for us.” – Brian May 1986 Interview

The B-Side track “Don’t Lose Your Head” a song composed by Roger Taylor and features British singer-songwriter and guitarist, Joan Armatrading in a vocal cameo. The song takes its name from a line spoken in Highlander.

This particular track further confirms that, while the singles on ‘A Kind of Magic’ are outstanding, the remaining songs will remain unknown for a reason. The majority of the song is repetitive, especially the lyrics, which are directly related to the ‘Highlander’ film.

Both Brian and John have been pushed aside in favour of a tinny- sounding synthesizer, while the programmed drums threaten to overpower a strong vocal performance by Freddie.

The line, “Don’t drink and drive my car / Don’t get breathalysed” was inspired by a drunk driving incident in 1985 which involved John and his Porsche. John normally preferred a Volvo, but he bought the Porsche for himself and went to visit Phil Collins of the Genesis at one of his London concerts. The two went out to enjoy a celebration afterwards, and John was pulled over on his way home. He failed his sobriety test and received a very expensive ticket.

The wonderful picture is Freddie and John working on ‘One Year of Love’ (another single from ‘A Kind of Magic’) in the control room at Mountain Studios in Switzerland.

Nov 21
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Nov 21
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After my rendezvous in New York with Freddie, he invited me to Queen’s next gig at The Spectrum in Philadelphia. I can’t go because it’s last minute, what about my job?!……

After we ate our breakfast, we continued chatting.
Freddie divulged the alias he travels under, “Alfred Mason.” My brother and father were both named Alfred, what normally May have been forgotten, stayed alive in my memory.

We parted ways and Freddie was very gracious. I went home to the West Village and told my roommate of the night’s (or should I say, day’s) adventure. When I told him the part about me being invited to a Queen concert as a guest of Freddie Mercury, but I had to decline because of work, he said, “What? Are you CRAZY, call in sick!”

I thought about it and called my job and told them I was sick. Since I turned down the invite, I had to come up with a plan. I knew where Freddie was staying in Philadelphia. I quickly showered, packed my overnight bag and I was off to Philly! It was a two hour and fifteen minute drive. I was excited as hell!

I arrived at the hotel, parked my car, pulled myself together and proceeded with a false sense of confidence to the front desk. “I am a friend Mr. Alfred Mason. He instructed me to check for his room number at the front desk as I am visiting him from New York, his room number wasn’t yet established at the time I last spoke with him.” The lie worked, they gave me his room number (this wouldn’t happen in today’s world!) I located his room and Peter Freestone came to the door. He was surprised to see me, he said, “Freddie is sleeping.” I told him I would wait in the lobby. I heard Freddie asking Phoebe who he was talking to. I was then invited in to see him. Freddie said, “Darling, what a pleasant surprise, let me sleep for about an hour.”

Phoebe took care of all of my arrangements. A backstage pass, a ticket, and a limo ride to The Spectrum! The concert was unbelievable! My first Queen concert blew me away. The lighting, the sound, the songs, Freddie’s amazingly talented stage presence, and the cheering crowd made for the best concert ever. Peter made sure I didn’t get lost and escorted me backstage. He was sincerely nice. When Freddie finally came out of the “cool down” room, I said, “My god, aren’t you exhausted?” He replied, “No, darling, I’m just getting started. Let’s go out on the town!”

After going out to several bars, we landed at “Equus” a place we were told was the best club in Philly. There was a moderate line of waiting patrons (Freddie called it a queue). Peter was going ahead to make sure we got in immediately, but Freddie insisted, “ No, we will wait our turn, darling.”

I thought to myself, “Wow, what a decent, down-to-earth superstar this Freddie Mercury is.” Oddly, I noticed that no one recognized him at the entrance. I remember hearing, at that moment, “Another One Bites The Dust” billowing down the staircase from the dance floor. The doorman said he needed to see our IDs, I immediately showed my drivers license. When he got to Freddie, Freddie said, “I don’t have an ID, I don’t carry it with me.” The doorman continued to refuse to let him in. He hesitated and then I heard Freddie emphatically state, “OKAY, it’s time to PULL RANK! That is MY F**CKING SONG you’re playing.” 😂

Peter explained to the doorman who Freddie was, and we were quickly ushered upstairs.

Thor Arnold
Freddie Mercury – Don’t Stop Us Now! In New York
(This ties in with today’s Queen history)

***What a fantastic story!

The picture of Thor, Freddie and Peter was taken at the Houston International Airport

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