Welcome to Freddie Mercury Online, Your latest online resource dedicated to the talented Frontman. Freddie is best known as the singer from the band Queen. Songs like Radio Gaga, We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody are numbers of the band. Unfortunately Freddie is no longer with us but through this fansite you will learn so much about the legend Freddie Mercury. Enjoy the gallery and the news.
Jun 22
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Paris, France, March 1979, Alcazar restaurant – Queen receive the gold disk for sales of the ‘Jazz’ album.

The band played in France on 27 and 28 February and March 1 at Pavillion de Paris during the ‘Live Killers’ Tour

📷 Queen posing with actress and Queen Elizabeth II look-alike

Jun 22
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23 March 1984, Queen continue filming their outrageous and very expensive video, “I Want To Break Free,” with Dave Mallet directing. The video was filmed @ Limehouse studios (Battersea, London)

Freddie kept his mustache on during this scene to make his being dressed as a woman memorable and funny!

Day two of filming, the boys dressed up as women. The idea came from Roger Taylor’s girlfriend (at the time) Dominique Beyrand. She suggested the band do a spoof of the long running British soap opera, “Coronation Street”, and each band member would portray a character.

The drag sequence was the most notable of the video. It was set in a mid-terraced house, but in reality filmed at a small studio in Battersea, mother Brian wakes up in the morning, hair in curlers and feet encased in fluffy pink rabbit slippers, only to find local tart Freddie dancing around with the hoover in a tight leather skirt, fishnet stockings and a garish pink top – bra straps clearly visible. Grandmother John sits on the sofa looking grumpy, while sexy schoolgirl Roger shows off his legs at the kitchen sink. The process of getting the band into drag was surprisingly easy, though the process of walking in high heels proved much harder for Freddie!

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Jun 22
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News June 6 2022 . Queen will release a new song this fall featuring former singer Freddie Mercury. This ‘song has been sitting on the shelf for years, until band members Roger Taylor and Brian May recently came across it again. They told BBC Radio 2 about the find this weekend.

The British band’s drummer and guitarist came across the song by accident while digging through their archives. The track dates from the period when the album The Miracle was recorded in 1989. “We found a gem of Freddie that we had kind of forgotten about,” said Taylor. “But it was beautiful, a real find.”

According to May, Mercury’s pearl, who died in 1991 from the effects of AIDS, “was simply hidden in plain sight. We looked at it several times, but then thought: no, we can’t release that.” However, the technical team of the band could do something with it, so that the song can eventually be released in September. ,,It was like sewing pieces together’, says the guitarist, who continues the song; ‘beautiful and moving’.


Jun 22
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April 1982, Brussels, Belgium – Freddie Mercury at Hotel ga Hyatt Brussels, during ‘Hot Space European Tour’

Frederick Moulaert Photography –

Jun 22
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The very first time we met Freddie was when he came to one of our gigs. He said, ‘You guys are great, great, great, you are really, really brilliant , but you should do this and you should do that, you should be more of a dramatic act, you should have more lights, more sound…’. Okay Freddie!

We were like, who is this guy? We said what are you? Freddie said, ‘Well, I’m a singer darling, I’m a singer.’

Oh really. Okay, fine! He kept turning up to our gigs and saying the same things.

We were getting into difficult ground, we were getting no where, we were a band called ‘Smile.’

Our singer got enticed away from us by some group called ‘Humpy Bong’ and he went off to the big time.

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